Middleware Technologies

    We offer systems integration, and business optimization and process excellence solutions. We can help you design, develop, operate, or optimize your business processes; transform your business through integration solutions that leverage the power of SOA; or address application and service integration requirements or even a reuse challenge in an operational business process.

    Our services and propositions are backed by proven methodologies, tools and rich partnerships with tool vendors. We have customers across the globe in multiple industry verticals like Retail & CPG, Hi Tech & Manufacturing, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Transportation, Travel & Logistics, and Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sectors among others. We have a track record of delivery excellence with an overall customer satisfaction result of 9.7/10.

Proof of Delivery Software, POD Software

Key benefits of our Middleware Technologies

  • Reduction in development time and cost: SOA services are easily reused and can be rapidly assembled into new, composite applications.
  • Lower maintenance cost: Reusable services reduce the number and internal complexity of enterprise services.
  • High-quality services: Increased service reuse creates high-quality services through multiple testing cycles from different service consumers.
  • Lower integration costs: Standardized services know how to work together, enabling disparate applications to quickly and easily connect.
  • Reduce risk: Fewer, reusable services provide greater control over corporate and IT governance policies, and reduce the overall compliance risk to an enterprise.

Mobile direct store delivery software to modernize your delivery operations & boost productivity

    In today's competitive business marketplace, delivery businesses are moving beyond simply squeezing costs out of the business process towards increasing visibility and responsiveness to marketplace demands.

    To remain competitive, your technology must facilitate sales growth, provide inventory controls, help reduce out-of-stocks, optimize the route sales rep's efficiency and increase speed to market with new products. Additionally, the ability to react to discreet customizations based upon customer buying patterns, seasonality and other factors are crucial. This responsiveness, real-time visibility and flexibility of the apps will empower your business to flourish in the current economic climate.

Proof of Delivery Software, POD Software

More info about our direct store delivery software

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Direct store delivery software has several unique features:

  • Pre-trip vehicle inspections
  • Vehicle loading & verification
  • Delivery container tracking (crates, racks, etc.)
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Add or delete items from the load
  • Route stop re-sequencing
  • Turn-by-turn directions from current location
  • GPS tracking with breadcrumb trail reporting
  • Post-trip vehicle inspections
  • Automatic accident alarms & notifications
  • Real-time info alerts & web-based reporting
  • Delivery adjustments
  • Route accounting
  • Promotions integration
  • Signature capture
  • Pre-sales
  • Returns
  • Account payment collection
  • End-of-day (EOD) reconciliation
  • Geo-fencing with auto-arrival notification
  • On-site delivery instructions (text or audio)

Key benefits of our DSD software

  • Perform trending analysis and production adjustment in real-time
  • Improve operational insight via web-based reporting
  • Reduce out-of-stocks and days sales outstanding
  • Accurately track and optimize inventory levels
  • Ensure delivery and billing accuracy
  • Use demand data to optimize sales
  • Optimize pricing and promotions
  • Identify supply chain dynamics & seasonality

Server Watch Dogs

    Some time ago it became apparent that we would require environmental monitoring in our server room. The primary reason being that our server room was never initially intended to be a server room and the after-the-fact A/C unit installation (size, vent placement, etc.) is definitely less than optimal. Not to mention the A/C unit is likely overloaded as well, judging by some of the data we gathered after installing the environmental monitoring equipment and software.

    Basically, I needed to be made aware of any potential problems with the environment in that room so that should anything go wrong, I can act quickly. A secondary use of the data is to trend the environment changes in order to reveal specific patterns that may help with long-term planning.

Proof of Delivery Software, POD Software

More info about our Server Watch Dogs

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Unique features of our Server Watch Dogs :

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Logging data into cloud database
  • SMS Alert
  • Upto 20 various setting available
  • Monitoring using Android Mobile and Remote PC

Key benefits of our Server Watch Dogs :

  • Accurately track all parameters
  • Voltage Analysis
  • Improve operational insight via web-based reporting
  • Monitoring all server in mobile app itself

Construction Management System

    Our Construction Management System is specifically designed to optimize the way a construction company operates in order to ensure continued success even as the company changes and grows.

    Using “Construction Pro”, your organizations can combine several functions into a logical, integrated system that facilitates the flow of informations across your organization.

    “Construction Pro” is designed using a centralized database that facilitates the modelling and automation of basic processes across your organization, eliminating the need for disparate systems maintained by various units of the organizations

    As with any framework, a strong base is where it all begins, The “Construction Pro” Construction Management Software leverages over 5 years of experience in project management and accounting software to ensure that core project management and accounting functions are intertwined throughout the entire product architecture.

    The supporting structure allows for the addition of targeted and crucially important, functionality. All these modules are tightly integrated to the project management and accounting modules ensuring consistent operations throughout your organization all while using the same user interface.

Proof of Delivery Software, POD Software

More info about our Construction Pro

Construction Pro software has several unique features:

  • Client Management
  • Billing Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Sub-Contractor Management
  • Reporting
  • Stock Transfer Management
  • Tools and Equipment Management
  • Labour Management
  • Role Based Login
  • Centralized Database